Oman-UAE Railway Kicks Off Implementation Phase – Gets New Identity

Abu Dhabi: In a significant development bolstering one of Oman and UAE’s bilateral projects, the Oman and Etihad Railway will now be known as Hafeet Rail – derived from the railway’s scenic route from the desert to mountainous regions, running alongside Jebel Hafeet.

Major initiatives and steps have been taken in what is said to be the most anticipated railway that will also shuttle passengers between UAE and Oman on Tuesday.

According to a statement by Ahmed Al Musawa Al Hashemi, CEO, Hafeet Rail, Partnership agreements have been signed and key contracts have been awarded to UAE and Omani companies that will operating as one team.

He highlighted that the railways operate with high efficiency in terms of safety and security and are among the most sustainable means of transportation environmentally.

“The UAE-Oman railway project will serve as a catalyst for further cooperation in various economic and industrial sectors,” Al Hashemi said, noting its direct impact on passenger movement between the two countries that would further boost tourism and bilateral ties.

Oman-UAE Railway Kicks Off Implementation Phase - Gets New Identity

Agreements Signed : 

  1. The first agreement includes the partnership agreement between Oman Rail, Etihad Rail and Mubadla, paving way for the project implementation.
  2. The second agreement consists of awarding civil contracts for the joint network to an Omani-Emirati alliance led by “Trojan Construction Group” (NPC) and “Galfar Engineering and Contracting”.
  3. While the third agreement involves awarding systems and integration contracts for the railway network to an alliance between Siemens and HAC to ensure that trains are equipped with the latest techniques and technology.