ahlibank’s Graduate Development Program to Prepare Individuals to Excel in a Banking Career


Ever since its inception, ahlibank has put concerted focus on training and developing human resources as one of the key elements of its operational strategies, and as an important pillar of its growth. The Bank believes in effectively contributing to the national agenda as outlined in Oman Vision 2040, of meeting the needs of the labor market, through job creation and skill development of the local population, especially the young national workforce. In line with the same, the Graduate Development Program, an annual initiative, is designed to accelerate the participant’s career growth and prepares them to take up leadership roles at the Bank.

Speaking on the success of the program, Mr. Mohammed Al Mufargi, AGM-Head of Human Resources ahlibank said, “Creating jobs for Omani youth is a top priority for the Bank, and its efforts have been reflected in supporting the government’s direction to develop youth skills and benefit from their capabilities by providing a platform to help them grow and prosper faster. In line with Oman 2040 vision, which adopts a strategic plan to promote training and operational programs for youth, the Bank affirms its commitment to contributing to the development of young people’s skills, encouraging and guiding them towards improving their professional performance for a brighter future. ahlibank’s advanced levels of skill development, and training to meet the modern-day requirements of the banking industry set a benchmark by not only preparing the young graduates for a banking career but also by giving them a first-hand experiential with full-time job offers.”

Launched under the name ‘Graduate Development Program’, the two-year program was first conducted in the year 2015, employing a number of graduates within several of the bank’s divisions. The program is designed to develop the skills of new graduates by combining hands-on training with theoretical training, mentoring programs, and allowing participants to join the team when the program is successfully completed. The program focuses on strengthening leadership and career skills in banking with the support of a group of managers, trainers, and experienced people.

After successful completion of the first year, the Bank will distribute graduates across the bank’s various departments as part of the on-the-job training initiative, based on their individual abilities, taking into account their educational qualifications and prevailing job requirements. Upon successful completion in the second year, they will be formally appointed to a full-time role at the bank, based on their work requirements and leadership skills.

In keeping with national development objectives, which focus on providing vocational training to citizens, ahlibank is keen through its youth-oriented initiatives to attract entrepreneurs and creativity, and to qualify them to enrich the labor market with competencies that not only meet the basic requirements of employment but are able to exceed expectations and contribute effectively in a highly competitive environment

ahlibank is considered a forerunner in enhancing the capabilities and competencies of Omani youth and the annual Graduate Development Program plays a key role in cementing this position. Its strategic approach confirms its commitment to supporting Oman’s efforts to create jobs and its keenness to create a coherent framework that serves the process of national growth and development.