Elevate Your Financial Future with ahlibank Wafra Plus Account

ahlibank, renowned for its commitment to providing innovative financial solutions, has made a mark with its “Wafra Plus” Daily Growth account, enabling customers to excel in their financial pursuits. This enhanced savings account now offers up to 2% interest per year, alongside a range of features meticulously designed to cater to discerning customers. The Bank, with this sustainable savings account, has reinforced its dedication to being a ‘Partner in Excellence’ for its growing customer base.

The Wafra Plus account, a daily return account, not only provides competitive rates but also includes benefits such as debit cards and unlimited transactions. Customers can seamlessly manage their cash round the clock through ahlibank’s robust e-channels or the Bank’s extensive network of branches. The account’s competitive interest is paid daily, serve to bolster customer’s savings effectively.

Muneer Al Balushi, AGM – Head of Retail Distribution, remarked, “At ahlibank, we take pride in our commitment to our customers, surpassing their expectations with rewarding offerings. Wafra Plus epitomizes our dedication to empowering our clients, positioning us as their chosen Partner for Excellence.”

“Our unwavering commitment to shaping a positive financial landscape is evident in our endeavors to foster a culture of intrinsic savings. We have streamlined Wafra Plus to be user-friendly, ensuring our customers can effortlessly enhance their savings on a daily basis. This offering is part of our broader portfolio, and we encourage both current and prospective customers to leverage this unique opportunity to fortify their financial standing. With ahlibank, you can confidently pursue your financial aspirations,” Al Balushi added.

ahlibank stands apart in the banking sphere, driven by client feedback and preferences. As the trusted Partner for Excellence, the Bank empowers customers, guiding them toward achieving their financial milestones. Rooted in the belief that innovation drives progress, ahlibank continuously endeavors to offer the best to a wider and more diverse customer base.