BP Oman Awards Contracts To Oman Firms Worth $610m

Muscat: Oman-based companies secured contracts from BP Oman worth $610 million last year, presenting around 90 percent of the company’s total expenditure that year. announcing the launch of its first socioeconomic review in Oman, the energy giant said that it had also spent $28.6 million directly with SME’s either through direct contract awards or through third-party services.

Around 4,202 people are employed through these contracts from BP Oman. BP Oman President Yousuf al Ojaili commented: “Oman is a strategically important country for BP and we’re extremely proud of our partnership with the Sultanate and the stories portrayed through this review. Whilst BP’s role as an energy provider is core to what we do and a key contributor to Oman’s economy, our impact is much broader.”

Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad al Rumhy, Minister of Energy and Minerals also stated: “Oman’s oil and gas industry is a key part of our 2040 Vision to support energy security and the national economy. Block 61 is a core part of that contribution, one of the Middle East’s largest and most challenging gas fields. We are proud of our partnership with BP in the development of this important resource. As well as benefitting from their global experience, and pioneering technologies and approaches — such as green completions — it’s encouraging to see their commitment to Oman’s economy and society.”

Focusing on BP Oman’s Corporate Social initiatives, the company has spent almost $4.5 million on Social Investment Programs that benefitted 18,000 people. The company’s omanisation scaled up to 85 percent with 50 percent of the leadership positions were taken by nationals, and local contractors also became a part of global competition.

The Socioeconomic review consists of and highlights how BP Oman supports the development of local companies. The company also successfully removed 148,000 tonnes of CO2e safely — 111 percent higher than planned.