Oman to be the Site of “Titanic” Green-Fuels Project

Oman: In a landmark project, that seeks to produce 25 Gigawatts of energy by purely environmentally sustainable methods, Oman’s OQ has joined hands with other big names in the green – fuels sector such as, InterContinental Energy and Kuwait’s government-backed energy investor, EnerTech to announce an integrated green – fuels mega project in Oman.

The conglomerate has been collaborating on the project for the past three years and seeks to produce millions of tonnes of zero-carbon, green Hydrogen fuel, and green Ammonia per year. The project aims to capitalize on the strategic location of Oman – on the crossroads of Europe and Asia and, the abundance of untapped solar and wind energy.

The ambitious project also seeks to make this project an energy-exporting one by means of existing agreements on partnerships to ensure a long–term economic benefit.

The conglomerate has cited Al – Wusta Governorate as the possible site for the project and has been surveying it since, 2019.

Salim al Huthaili, CEO Alternative Energy at OQ commented: “OQ is proud to announce our biggest project in this field, which aims to maximize utilization of Oman’s natural resources of wind and solar to produce green hydrogen. Alternative energy is a key driver for OQ’s long-term growth and a cornerstone of its strategy. It is also in line with the country’s ambitious Oman Vision 2040 that aims to diversify the nation’s resources and maximize the financial value derived. We are pleased with the progress of the project so far and look forward to continuing development in collaboration with our partners.”

Meanwhile, Alicia Eastman, Co-Founder, and President of InterContinental Energy stated: “This is a huge milestone in our mission to deliver cost-competitive zero-carbon fuels at an unprecedented scale to meet rapidly growing global demand across sectors. Only by decarbonizing fuels as well as electrons will the world reach Paris climate agreement targets and increasingly stringent commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It has been an absolute pleasure working with our wonderful partners, each of whom brings critical domain expertise to the consortium.”

Lastly, Abdullah al Mutairi, CEO of EnerTech said: “This is a landmark project that is in line with our objective of being the leading platform for clean energy and energy transition in Kuwait and the broader GCC. Our model of converging technology with infrastructure investment will place us at the forefront of decarbonization to realize our national objectives and meet our commitments under the Paris Agreement.