Mall of Muscat Unveils Future Vision with New Experiences and Dynamic Additions

Mall of Muscat, leading leisure and entertainment destination, has witnessed a remarkable year in 2023, soaring beyond expectations. With over 4 million footfalls, collection of prestigious awards, and a spectrum of successful events, it has elevated its status quintessential destination for leisure and entertainment.

Embarking on a journey of transformation, Mall of Muscat is undergoing a strategic refresh to elevate the customer experience. This initiative signifies a new era of vibrancy and engagement, aiming to enrich the overall ambience and service quality, ensuring that every visit is memorable. In 2023, the Mall of Muscat was distinguished with the prestigious Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Shopping Centre and Retailer Award, reinforcing its status as a frontrunner in traditional marketing excellence, specifically for its impactful cause-related marketing initiatives.

Mall of Muscat is a unique fusion of elegance and excitement, where luxury seamlessly blends with adventure, providing an unmatched experience in Muscat. This destination is a shining example of the city’s vibrant evolution in both retail and entertainment sectors.

The Mall of Muscat in 2023 welcomed Oud Dubai, Fatty Patty, Fun VR, Biryani Bowl, Style Passport, Al Faisal Watches, Gracia, Tjwens, Gadgets and Meito. Oud Dubai enhances the luxury retail scene with its exquisite fragrances. Fatty Patty offers a delightful culinary experience with its unique menu, while Fun VR introduces a new dimension of entertainment with its virtual reality gaming arena. Biryani Bowl tantalises taste buds with its flavour-packed biryanis and curries, each dish a celebration of rich, aromatic spices that promise a culinary journey. For fashion enthusiasts, Style Passport stands as a multi-brand store, a treasure trove of diverse styles and trends under one roof, catering to every fashion need. Al Faisal Watches offers a luxurious array of jewellery and watches, combining elegance and craftsmanship in each piece. Gracia, a Muscat-based leader in interior design and contracting, provides exceptional fit-outs and designs, transforming spaces with sophistication and style. Tech aficionados will find a haven in Gadgets Oman, offering everything from IT management to supply. Meito adds a playful twist to the mix with its delightful range of bubble teas, offering a refreshing break in the midst of shopping and exploration. 

In the coming months, the Mall of Muscat is set to introduce a series of captivating activations. Among them is Habib Beirut, bringing a taste of authentic Lebanese cuisine. Optimum Cafe and Roastery will offer an unparalleled coffee experience with its diverse range of in-house roasted coffees and unique brewing methods. Adventure World promises thrilling experiences for all ages, from white water rafting to skydiving, alongside high-quality outdoor gear. Dirran Organic will provide organic beauty products, marrying ancient wisdom with modern science. Additions such as Flawerma are set to contribute significantly to the mall’s dynamic atmosphere.

These changes align with Mall of Muscat’s commitment to offer diverse, engaging, and new experiences for our customers. The destination continue to pride itself on being a premier destination for shopping with multiple international brands and for holistic entertainment. Fabyland delights all ages with its vibrant play areas, Xtreme Zone offers adrenaline-fueled excitement, Novo Cinemas creates an unforgettable cinematic experience, Fun VR merges the digital and real for immersive exploration, and Xcape Muscat challenges minds with its thrilling escape room adventures. Oman Aquarium remains a key highlight, offering an immersive journey into the marine world.

A spokesperson for Mall of Muscat said, “In 2023, Mall of Muscat achieved a remarkable milestone of over 4 million footfalls and garnered prestigious awards and hosted a series of successful events, showcasing our commitment to excellence. As we embark on a transformative journey into 2024, we continue to evolve and innovate, ensuring that the Mall of Muscat remains the leading leisure and entertainment destination, setting new benchmarks in customer experience and engagement.”

Last year Mall of Muscat highlighted its commitment to community support through various initiatives. Collaborating with Al Rahma Association, Oman Tourism College, and Scientific College of Design, it supported SMEs and students by offering free stalls during Eid-Al-Fitr/Ramadan, an effort that won the Mall the 2023 MENA Shopping Centre and Retailer Award for cause-related marketing. Additionally, the Mall partnered with Dar Al Atta’a for National Day, transforming into a vibrant marketplace to support the Palestine cause, selling a range of items from local contributors, with proceeds going to Dar Al Atta’a.

The Mall also enhanced retail experiences with special back-to-school offers in August, and celebrated cultural events like Ramadan’s Qaranqasho with activities for children, and Eid with festive decorations, sales, and international entertainment including musical shows and acrobatic performances. These events, along with the National Day weekend’s joyful celebrations, underscored the Mall’s role as a hub of community engagement and cultural festivity.

Mall of Muscat is evolving and redefining the shopping and entertainment experience. With these latest additions and strategic refresh, the mall continues to be a destination where memories are made, and experiences are cherished.