Alfardan Motors Conducts Luxurious & Exclusive Media Drive Experience Of Ferrari 296 GTB & Roma

Alfardan Motors, the official Ferrari Importer in Oman, has provided high-profile media in the Sultanate an exclusive experience to drive the Prancing Horse brand’s 296 GTB and the Ferrari Roma, which encapsulate the concepts of fun to drive and la Nuova dolce vita respectively.

Beginning with a gathering at the Ferrari showroom in Muscat, the guests attended a briefing session. They received professional guides on the dynamics of both models before getting behind the wheel, feeling the compactness and modernity of the well-renowned 296 GTB and the combination of sports and luxury of the Roma. The guests drove through the streets of Oman to reach, Jebel Sifah Resort and were treated to an elegantly luxurious experience which mirrors that of Ferrari’s brand ethos.

The 296 GTB, which features a sporty, sinuous design and extremely compact dimensions, redefines the whole concept of fun behind the wheel, guaranteeing pure emotions not just when pushing the car to its limits, but also in day-to-day driving situations.

Alfardan Motors Conducts Luxurious & Exclusive Media Drive Experience Of Ferrari 296 GTB & Roma

The 296 GTB, which gets its name through the combination of the car’s total displacement (2.992 l) and number of cylinders with the GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta) acronym, ushered in an authentic revolution for Ferrari as it has introduced a new engine type to flank the marque’s multi-award-winning 8- and 12-cylinder power units: a 663 cv 120° V6 coupled with an electric motor capable of delivering a further 122 kW (167 cv) which gives a combined power output of 830cv.

The 296 GTB’s plug-in hybrid (PHEV) system guarantees it is an incredibly usable car as well as cutting pedal response times to zero and delivering a 25km range in all-electric eDrive mode. The car’s compact dimensions and the introduction of innovative dynamic control systems as well as meticulously honed aero ensure that the driver will instantly experience its astonishing agility and responsiveness to commands.

Alfardan Motors Conducts Luxurious & Exclusive Media Drive Experience Of Ferrari 296 GTB & Roma

The Ferrari Roma, an icon of Italian design, represents the pinnacle of performance in the category, thanks to its turbocharged V8 from the family of engines that has won the overall International Engine of the Year award four years running. In this version, the engine reaches 620 cv at 7500 rpm and is coupled with the new 8-speed DCT gearbox that was introduced on the SF90 Stradale. With its distinctive flair and style, the car is a contemporary representation of the carefree, pleasurable way of life that characterised Rome in the 1950s and ‘60s. The Ferrari Roma offers discerning clients the finesse and refinement that brings the concept of “la Dolce Vita” right up to date.

The Roma also features harmonious proportions and elegantly balanced volumes which are very much in line with Ferrari’s front-engined grand touring tradition. Timeless and sublimely refined, from a technical point of view the Ferrari Roma introduces a series of unparalleled features that put it at the top of its segment in terms of performance and driving enjoyment.