Bank Nizwa Empowers Individual Business Owners with Sharia-Compliant Commercial Finance

Recognizing the value and potential of entrepreneurs in driving economic advancement, Bank Nizwa, the premier Islamic bank in the Sultanate of Oman, is committed to empowering its customers to turn their entrepreneurship ambitions into successful business ventures through its innovative ‘Commercial Finance for Individuals’ program.

This unique offering is part of the bank’s comprehensive suite of innovative products and services geared towards securing a financially stable future for its customers.

Specially designed for salaried individuals aspiring to embark on entrepreneurial journeys, the Commercial Finance proposition is rooted in the Sharia principles of Murabaha and Ijara, ensuring adherence to the Islamic methods of financing. Factoring in the diverse business requisites of individuals, this program facilitates the acquisition of a spectrum of assets for a business, through automotive, real estate, and personal finance.

Commenting on the offering, Mr. Mohamed Al Ghassani, Deputy General Manager – Retail Banking, Bank Nizwa said, “Business Owners are the engine of economic growth. With innovative ideas, they contribute to the generation of wealth and job opportunities while bolstering industry competitiveness. At Bank Nizwa, we remain resolute in developing streamlined and effective financial solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the dynamic Business Owners sector. Our Commercial Finance for Individuals proposition transcends mere transactions; it is a tool that can turn entrepreneurial dreams into realities.”

Bank Nizwa’s Commercial Finance for Individuals aligns with its mission to support individuals in achieving financial independence. With transparent policies, highly competitive profit rates, and repayment periods extending up to 120 months, this proposition allows customers to benefit from favourable financial terms and added flexibility in managing finances.

Under the offering, the auto finance option applies to any vehicle registered with a red number plate, encompassing taxis, trucks, transportation buses, and heavy machinery. To avail auto finance, customers are only required to ensure that the asset is formally registered with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and accompanied by a valid title deed. For customers interested in real estate finance, the offering covers properties classified as commercial or agricultural lands in the title deed. This includes a diverse array of options, ranging from shops to industrial land and warehouses. Furthermore, the personal finance category accommodates a wide range of assets acquired specifically for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, industrial printers, shop equipment, and other similar assets.

While each category of financing is meticulously tailored to accommodate the unique needs of its discerning customers, Bank Nizwa has also established special arrangements with dealers to enhance the processing experience, facilitating easier access to the necessary assets.

Bank Nizwa’s unwavering commitment to the local Business Owners landscape echoes its dedication to advancing economic opportunities and aligns seamlessly with its aim to contribute to the country’s economic progress and social welfare.