Inma Fund Finances Over RO161mn for Economic Sectors Since its Inception

    Since beginning operations in 2014, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Fund, Inma, has provided RO161mn in financing for 1,409 projects undertaken by SMEs in the Sultanate of Oman.

    The Inma Fund offers loan repayment periods of up to eight years for most of its financing products. These products include asset financing, project financing, invoice discounting, and capital financing.

    The fund provides financing ceilings for SMEs ranging from RO50,000 to RO500,000 and up to RO3mn for large projects.

    Since its inception, the Inma Fund has supported numerous national projects, achieving significant success and positively impacting the national economy. Additionally, Inma has fostered a culture of entrepreneurship among Omani youth, encouraging them to start their own businesses.

    Notably, the Inma Fund has allocated RO25mn for SME financing in 2024.