Mazda’s first battery EV set for a charged Tokyo Motor Show debut

Japanese automotive giant Mazda is all set to unveil its very first 100 per cent battery electric vehicle (EV) at the Tokyo Motor Show this month.

The zero-emissions model, which will be presented to the world on Oct.23, is the production version of the e-TPV (Electric Test Prototype Vehicle) which was tested in Norway in late August this year.

The EV is said to be powered by a 140hp electric motor with a 35.5 kWh battery pack, and will most likely adopt a crossover or a hatchback body style as current market trends suggest. With this particular body style, it would also be easier to accommodate an under-floor battery pack for the EV.

With an estimated range of about 200km, Mazda’s first EV is perfectly empowered to make your day-to-day city commuting easier. The Japanese car giant is also offering an electric vehicle with a range extender option to meet the needs of buyers in North America. Mazda decided to add a range extender in the U.S. as drives in the country tend to be longer than those in others. The range-extender variant of the EV will come with a new version of Mazda’s famed rotary engine.

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The EV, which is Mazda’s first is in line with the company’s plans to introduce more eco-friendly vehicles in order to meet tightened carbon dioxide emission standards in Europe, Asia and the US. With the unveiling of its first EV next month, the Japanese car manufacturer will look to introduce plug-in hybrid models from 2021 or 2022 onwards.

According to Towell Auto Centre (TAC), the sole distributor of Mazda vehicles in the Sultanate of Oman, “Mazda’s introduction of its very first battery-electric vehicle marks a change of pace in moving towards an emissions-free world. The EV which was engineered internally has been developed in accordance with Mazda’s human-centric philosophy and by making full use of the benefits of electric drive technology. It will offer drivers a performance they can enjoy effortlessly and whole-heartedly.”