Nama Group partners with OSHRM to augment human resources development

Nama Group (NG) and the Omani Society for Human Resources Management (OSHRM) have entered into a strategic partnership to develop and implement the highest standards in Human Resources.

It reflects the group’s commitment to foster human resources development as it understands that human capital is the key to sustainable development of the society and the economy of the nation.

The strategic partnership, announced at a press event recently, focuses on exchange of knowledge and experiences through career guidance programmes, research and studies in relationship to labour market, awareness events and exhibitions related to Human Resources.

Ibrahim bin Said Al Sulaimani, Executive Manager –Group Human Resources, Nama Group, said: “As part of our commitment to ensure remarkable improvement of Oman’s Human Resources potentials, we decided to establish this strategic partnership in various HR development areas. The partnership will focus on career guidance, research and studies related to the labour market, awareness events and exhibitions about Human Resources.”

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Al Sulaimani added: “Based on our HR strategic pillar, NG believes that the Human Capital is the key to achieving sustainable development in our local communities and business sectors.”

Nama Group will also be a strategic sponsor at the OSHRM’s Fifth Annual HR Conference, which was announced at the press event. The event, titled ‘Human Resources at the heart of business’, targets to contribute to building HR capabilities in the Sultanate by providing tools and knowledge in the field.

Speaking about the conference to be held in December this year, Dr. Ghalib Saif Al Hosni, Chairman of the Omani Society for Human Resources Management, said that they were proud to represent a community of professionals who seek to raise the standards of Human Resources management. This year, the HR Conference will be the platform, designed to address core issues as well as discussing the future of Human Resources and lessons we have learned and are still learning.

Hosni also thanked Nama Group “for their interest in OSHRM and the partnership as a contribution to support HR in the Sultanate.”

Ali Al Abri, OSHRM Board Member and Director of the HR Conference, also spoke at the event and invited organisations in Oman and the region to participate in the only HR Summit in the world run by OSHRM in the Sultanate.