Omani Female Physician Unravels Medical Breakthrough Using Stem Cells

Physician and clinical researcher Dr. Hind Khamis al-Balushi, Head of Unit of Stem Cells Engineering and Cellular Therapies Department at the Royal Hospital, has been able to develop a technique to cultivate stem cells for the rebuilding of non-cellular textures and the analysis of their curative abilities.

Dr. Hind, a specialist in the centres for management, engineering and manufacturing of stem cells and medical cellular treatment units, made the achievement when conducting her dissertation towards a Ph.D. study in stem cells engineering at University College London.

The research enabled Dr. Hind to join a renowned medical team based in Royal Free Hospital and London University, United Kingdom, that was conducting a rare operation to rescue and treat a child in critical condition.

The child had swallowed a battery cell that damaged the trachea.

The medical team received a license from Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), UK, to use the new technique to treat the child. The operation was conducted at Cellular and Genetic Treatment Centre at Royal Free Hospital.

The implant, termed success, took place at Great Ormond Street, London. The child recuperated and is currently enjoying good health three years after the operation.

A detailed account of the operation will be published in Nature Medicine journal. The new technology is being used to start clinical experiments at Barouth Hospital London, Cambridge University, London University and a specialized drug firm.