Omani Research Team Develops Smart Programme For Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Using artificial intelligence (AI), an Omani research team has developed a programme to diagnose Alzheimer’s and determine its degree of severity.

Researcher Salma Sulaiman Al Hinai said: “The team applied 4IR techniques to help patients who suffer from the disease, which leads to exacerbated nervous disorder and a waste-away (atrophy) and death of brain cells—the most common manifestations of dementia.”

The research project has been funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to help provide practical solutions for the health sector, limit the scope of the disease and ameliorate patient conditions, said Salma.

Through up-to-date resonance imaging, the research team has determined the extent to which brain tissues are affected. The application reveals cells’ neuronal death and saves the time and effort of the radiologist.