My Perfumes Select Wins ‘Emerging Perfume Brand of the Year’ Award

    A young and dynamic, premium perfume brand – My Perfumes Select – is proud to announce its recent recognition as the ‘Emerging Perfume Brand of the Year’ at the Alam Al Iktisaad Awards 2023.

    This recognition not only celebrates the brand’s commitment to excellence but also highlights their dedication to redefining the world of perfumery with a global vision.

    A young brand, My Perfumes Select is born out of My Perfumes, which has a 30-year legacy in the perfume industry. My Perfumes Select is well known for curating high-quality Extrait De Parfum (perfumes crafted from a high concentration of perfume absolutes), crafted from the most exquisite and precious fragrance ingredients sourced from around the world. This commitment to excellence ensures an opulently richer quality, exceptional sillage, and impressive longevity, setting the brand apart from others in the market. As an innovation, the brand also curates a unique range of non-alcoholic perfumes for connoisseurs, and high-quality bukhoor crafted from pure oils.

    My Perfumes Select Wins ‘Emerging Perfume Brand of the Year’ Award  n

    Discussing the award, the brand’s global presence and the new immersive retail experience, Mustafa Firoz, Managing Director of My Perfumes Group, stated, “We are honoured to receive the ‘Emerging Perfume Brand of the Year’ Award. This award is a testament to the passion and dedication of the entire My Perfumes Select team, who work tirelessly to create exceptional experiences for our customers; and reflects our relentless efforts to create a premium brand that is not just steeped in tradition but also embodies a fresh and contemporary spirit.”

    “My Perfumes Select represents the new bold and confident Middle East. As a young brand, we are continually innovating and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Our global vision drives us to bridge the gap between the East and West, offering a unique fusion of top-quality scents and experiences. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and redefining the world of perfumery”, he added.

    With a strong focus on expansion, My Perfumes Select is creating a retail presence across major malls and prestigious high-street locations in the Middle East and India. Oman is a major focus for the brand, with their first curation located in Oman Avenues Mall. Their commitment to quality and innovation has resonated with scent lovers in over 90 countries who are allured by their signature products.

    The brand has established itself as an avant-garde fusion of East and West, opening the door to a new, immersive premium retail experience. Their stores and products are more than just scents; they are canvases of stories that celebrate the individual and their life journeys. My Perfumes Select’s ‘Global Arab’ palette of scent signatures, featuring perfume sprays, concentrated perfume oils, body, and home care products crafted from the most precious ingredients, manifest as exotic and lavishly bold contemporary artistic odes to the ancient art of oriental perfumery.