National Finance Continues to Deliver Exceptional Returns with Corporate Fixed Deposits

In a rapidly-evolving economic environment where businesses seek reliable investment opportunities, the Sultanate of Oman’s leading finance company, National Finance’s high-yield Corporate Fixed Deposits have garnered significant attention. Offering some of the most attractive returns in the market, ranging from 5.25% to 6.50%, these deposits are designed to empower local businesses and drive their growth.

Corporate Fixed Deposits offer flexible terms ranging from 3 to 60 months, accommodating diverse business needs and financial strategies. Corporates can select from multiple pay-out frequencies—monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or upon maturity – enabling them to synchronize investment income with operational cash flows. This flexibility enhances financial planning, providing predictable returns at intervals that match specific requirements. Additionally, businesses can opt for rollover upon maturity, ensuring continuity in their investment strategies. With a minimum deposit requirement of RO 5,000, this offering is accessible to businesses of all sizes, helping them earn competitive returns based on their varying liquidity positions. 

Mr. Tariq bin Sulaiman Al Farsi, Chief Executive Officer at National Finance, emphasized the significance of this offering and its potential impact on businesses, stating, “Consistency, reliability, and flexibility in investments are paramount considerations for businesses. Our Corporate Fixed Deposits provide a dependable source of robust returns, enabling businesses to grow their capital and reinvest profits into expansion, innovation, and other operational enhancements. This financial stability empowers businesses to navigate economic fluctuations, ensuring sustained growth and resilience. Furthermore, National Finance’s investment solutions cater to diverse risk appetites and strategic objectives, while providing an opportunity for portfolio diversification. From a macroeconomic perspective, by helping local businesses thrive, we continue to play an instrumental role in enhancing economic vitality and contributing to the enrichment of the local community.”

National Finance extends the offering to a wide range of businesses, including pension funds, government organisations, investment funds, LLCs, SAOCs, and SAOGs. Recognizing the importance of efficiency, the company ensures a straightforward and hassle-free application process. With a strong focus on transparency, businesses receive dedicated support from financial experts and relationship managers, who assist with navigating documentation requirements and ensuring efficient processing timelines. Additionally, these deposits serve a dual purpose as collateral, enabling businesses to secure financing for various initiatives. This innovative approach not only enhances liquidity but also bolsters financial stability, allowing businesses to confidently capitalize on opportunities as their investments continue to appreciate. 

Complementing this lucrative investment offering, National Finance provides a myriad of tailored solutions specifically designed for corporate customers. The company offers commercial vehicle finance to help corporates meet their transport and distribution needs, working capital loans to support the establishment of new ventures and liquidity requirements, and real estate developer finance for customers engaged in commercial real estate development projects.

National Finance’s corporate products exemplify the company’s commitment to being a trusted Partner for Growth for all. By offering high-yield investment tools and finance solutions, the company plays a pivotal role in the success stories of its corporate customers, supporting them through various stages of business development—from start-up to scaling and beyond.