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There’s a 250-Year Wait for the Economic Gender Gap to Close

(Bloomberg) --If you’re a woman wondering how long you’ll have to wait for the same economic opportunities as your male counterparts, the answer could...

Saudi Arabia Ends Gender Segregation in Restaurant Entrances

In a landmark decision, Saudi Arabia ended their decades-old practice of gender segregation in restaurant entrances. Restaurants are no longer required to maintain separate entrances...

Women Desert Trading Floors as Bias Blocks Path to Management

(Bloomberg) --Camilla Sutton climbed through the ranks to become global head of foreign exchange at Scotiabank in Toronto. Along the way, she put up...

Women Exceed 25% of Board Seats on S&P 500 for the First Time

(Bloomberg) --Women hold more than a quarter of board seats among the biggest companies for the first time, an analysis by executive recruiter Spencer...