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Renewables are booming, but not fast enough to cap greenhouse emissions

(Bloomberg) --The International Energy Agency’s annual report into fuel supply and demand shows a pickup in the rate of growth for wind and solar...
Solar Plant Abu Dabi

One of America’s Biggest Solar Panel Makers Quits Manufacturing

(Bloomberg) -- SunPower Corp., one of America’s largest solar-panel makers, is giving up its manufacturing business to focus on installing rooftop solar systems. The company is...

World’s biggest solar plant starts in Abu Dhabi

(Bloomberg) --The world’s biggest photovoltaic solar plant has started commercial operations in Abu Dhabi, according to JinkoSolar Holding Co. The 1.2-gigawatt Sweihan project is connected...

Ducab-Etihad ESCO solar project set to save 3.25m Kwh energy, AED 1.4 mn annually

With an aim to support the United Arab Emirate’s solar policy and achieve energy savings, cable maker Ducab inked an agreement with Etihad Energy...
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Amazon Backs Renewables Projects on Path to 100% Clean Power

(Bloomberg) Inc will invest in three new wind and solar projects as it moves toward a goal of meeting 80% of its energy...
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Oman’s Wind Energy Project – Change is in the Air

Oman has been developing numerous renewable energy projects in a bid to shift towards a post-oil economy. The wind energy project in Dhofar is...
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Renewable Energy – Oman’s Clean Step into The Future

Implementation of renewable energy resources are on the rise, and Oman is not far behind. The price of oil in Oman rose by 1.32...