Samsung Introduces New Bespoke Range Of Ai Washer And Dryer For The First Time In UAE And GCC

Samsung Gulf Electronics has announced the availability of the new Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer. The new front-load washers and dryers are the latest addition to the popular Bespoke range, whose design allows customers to customize the look of their appliances to match their home décor and lifestyles. 

The new appliances stand out in the intelligent use of AI to optimize energy, water and detergent without compromising cleanliness, the large capacity and long-lasting performance backed by a 20-year warranty on the motor. A simple, flat design blends seamlessly with modern interiors, kitchen furniture, and other Bespoke appliances. 

Burcin Arabul, Director of the Home Appliances Division, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said, “The new Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer fulfills Gulf customers’ needs for purposeful design, high-quality materials and top performance. The new range also comes in line with our sustainability promise, with significant upgrades in energy efficiency, water usage and durability from our previous generation through the smart application of artificial intelligence.”    

The new Bespoke washing machine features AI Ecobubble, which produces bubbles that remove 24% more soil even at low temperatures, saving up to 70% energy and delivering 45.5% better fabric care. The AI feature detects the fabric type and optimizes the amount of bubbles, washing time, temperature and spin speed. Additionally, AI Wash uses advanced sensing to detect the weight and softness of the fabric and continually monitor the level of soiling. It then intelligently optimizes the water, detergent, soaking, rinsing and spinning times.

The new appliances are powered by Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology which utilizes strong magnets for a quieter and more powerful performance but uses less energy than traditional Universal Motor. It also offers the industry’s longest durability, backed by a 20-year warranty on the motor.

The new appliances are part of the SmartThings connected ecosystem. The SmartThings App delivers personalized, efficient and hassle-free washing by analyzing users’ laundry patterns. The ‘Clothing Care’ tool offers tailored cycle recommendations and tips, ‘Energy’ mode helps manage your energy use holistically, while ‘Home Care’ keeps the washer in optimal condition.

Samsung believes that sustainability begins at home, where everyday decisions by individuals can add to the sustainable solution we need for a better future. This message is rooted in Samsung’s approach to all Bespoke appliances, including the latest Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer, which optimizes the laundry experience with technologies focused on maximized savings, performance and capacity.

New Bespoke range of AI Washer and Dryer is now available in UAE and GCC across all Samsung online and offline stores.