SpaceX Rocket Debris Lands In Sheep Paddock In Australia

Three pieces of space debris, which are believed to be operating parts from the first stage of a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, have been spotted in a sheep paddock in Australia. 

While Stage 1 separation occurs within Earth’s atmosphere, it is normal for parts to be ejected back to the seas – but rare instances of land landings are recorded. As per the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, this debris is among the largest to be found in the island nation since 1979.

As per an explanation by National World News, when a space rocket is launched, the pieces of the vehicle often separate from the main payload and fall back to Earth. When they come into contact with air, most of these pieces burn up.

Large fragments that survive in the atmosphere usually fall into the ocean, which covers two-thirds of the planet’s surface.

The debris that has been found in Australia is now being inspected by technical experts from the Australian Space Agency and New South Wales Police. Police have since confirmed they were also aware of the third piece being found in the region.

This comes after locals reported hearing a loud boom on July 9, which was considered to have been caused by the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, which was launched in November 2020, re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

There have been no reports of injuries to both residents and sheep in the area. As per NASA, the chance of space debris hitting a populated area and causing casualties is extremely rare; nearly 1 in 3,200.