National Finance and Dar Al Atta’a Join Forces to Empower Women across Governorates through Beekeeping & Cultivation Initiatives

In alignment with its dedication to enhancing the well-being of communities throughout the Sultanate of Oman, National Finance, the country’s leading finance company, has joined forces with renowned charitable organization Dar Al Atta’a. This collaboration seeks to empower Omani women hailing from the Governorates of Musandam, Al Dhahirah, Al Dakhiliyah, Ash Sharqiyah North, Ash Sharqiyah South, and Dhofar through a distinctive initiative centered on beekeeping and honey cultivation.

The initiative comprises two primary components. Firstly, it involves the education of 50 participants in the art of beekeeping. Secondly, a series of workshops will be conducted, engaging 35 participants in the crafting of handmade cosmetics derived from honey. These products will then be distributed across various Governorates. 

Through these concerted efforts, National Finance, in collaboration with Dar Al Atta’a, endeavours to bolster Omani women, particularly those from economically constrained backgrounds, enabling them to pursue lucrative self-employment opportunities in beekeeping. Subsequently, they will be equipped to produce natural beauty commodities that are experiencing burgeoning demand within the nation.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Tariq bin Suleiman Al Farsi, Chief Executive Officer, National Finance, said, “As a trusted Partner for Growth for all, National Finance is deeply committed to fostering societal progress by providing meaningful opportunities to those less privileged. These efforts not only impart new skills but also facilitate the establishment of small-scale, locally-driven enterprises. Women are the backbone of Omani society, and this initiative transcends mere acknowledgment of their contributions, actively empowering them towards independence and self-sufficiency, thereby enhancing the fabric of the communities to which they belong.”

Echoing the statement, Honorable Maryam Bint Issa Al Zadjali, Chairperson and Founder  of Dar Al Atta’a, stated, “We extend our gratitude to National Finance for its continuous support and effective role in the success of the initiative. The launch of the second phase of the cosmetics products created from honey is an extension of what has been achieved through the initiative to diversify products derived from honey. We appreciate the joint efforts with National Finance and wish success to all beneficiaries.”

Operating under its Imtidad social responsibility initiative, National Finance has been pivotal in numerous initiatives aimed at promoting social welfare, encompassing youth and women’s empowerment, cultural enrichment, educational advancement, and environmental stewardship. Through Imtidad, the company strives to effect positive change within the communities it serves, addressing welfare concerns in collaboration with charitable organizations and governmental entities, thereby enriching the lives of the Omani peoples in a substantive manner.

The enduring partnership between National Finance and Dar Al Atta’a has yielded impactful transformations in the lives of many marginalized communities across the nation, through the myriad of initiatives they have actioned together. This synergy underscores the company’s resolute commitment to fostering sustained socio-economic progress. Moreover, the company actively champions initiatives aimed at empowering the underprivileged, a central tenet of its sustainability ethos.