‘OQGN has achieved more than 99.9% gas availability’ says Managing Director, Mansoor Ali Al Abdali

OQGN is well-positioned to play an essential role in energy transition through facilitating Hydrogen transportation and carbon capture development, says Mansoor Ali Al Abdali, Managing Director, OQ Gas Networks in an exclusive interview with OER

What role does OQ Gas Networks (OQGN) play in Oman’s energy value chain?
OQGN is the exclusive owner and operator of the natural gas transportation network in Oman, OQGN transports natural gas throughout the Sultanate, providing an indispensable link between gas producers and consumers across the country. In 2022, we transported 39 billion cubic metres of gas to our customers. The company was established as an independent entity in 2021, after undergoing multiple iterations over the last two decades.

Has the establishment of OQGN as a company led to enhanced efficiencies and a sharper focus on its intended objectives?
OQGN was established in 2000 as a closed joint stock company and became an integrated part of OQ Group in 2020. Since inception, we have continuously focused on improving our services to be an efficient and reliable partner to all our stakeholders, which has allowed us to transform from a small gas transport company into a critical gas transportation infrastructure provider trusted and respected across the country.
Oman has committed itself to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

How is OQGN contributing to the country’s energy transition goals?
OQGN is committed to playing an integral part in Oman’s 2050 vision of achieving net zero emissions. We are developing a sustainability strategy that is in line with national targets, to continue to grow our network and operations with the aim to deliver cleaner, more sustainable energy. Our dedicated sustainability team, which includes members from multiple departments and of varying seniority levels, is tasked with overseeing and leading sustainability initiatives within the business.

'OQGN has achieved more than 99.9% gas availability' says Managing Director, Mansoor Ali Al Abdali
Mansoor Ali Al Abdali, Managing Director, OQGN


OQGN signed an MoU with Hydrogen Oman (Hydrom) in June 2023 to study the development of a Green Hydrogen network infrastructure. In what ways will this collaboration contribute to position Oman as a Green Hydrogen hub? Do you expect Green and Blue Hydrogen to open new commercial and business possibilities for OQGN in future?
OQGN is well-positioned to play an essential role in energy transition through facilitating Hydrogen transportation and carbon capture development. Our cooperation with Hydrogen Oman is an exciting first step towards supporting the development of an optimal, efficient, and cost-effective solution for green hydrogen transportation in Oman. OQGN will help explore the best options for the development and construction of the green hydrogen pipeline network infrastructure and how best to transport it. Further, the partnership will foster strong opportunities to collaborate and conduct research on how we can open opportunities for the green and blue hydrogen economy in Oman and attract further international investment.

OQGN supplies gas to Madayn’s industrial estates in Sur, Sohar, Raysut, Nizwa and Rusayl. Is the timely and efficient supply of gas helping in attracting businesses to industrial estates?
OQGN supplies gas to the five industrial locations in 2021 and within these locations is providing gas for approximately 98 gas consumers. By expanding OQGN’s gas network in Madayn, we strive to support in providing more efficient services for Omani projects,
by utilizing our national expertise to uplift the operations of the Gast Network sector. With the increase in this efficiency, we strive to provide more optimal conditions for more businesses to choose these locations as their industrial bases, and progress on Oman’s 2040 business objectives.

The company has a gas availability record of over 99 per cent over the last decade. How has this consistent level of delivery been ensured? Does the company follow an internationally accepted asset base frameworks and is it the recipient of quality certifications?
At OQGN, we strive to maintain the highest standards of operation and maintenance, and are very proud of our strong track record, with more than 99.9% gas availability over the last 10 years. We have been able to do this by consistently monitoring the condition of our assets, which have been recognized for their quality through a number of international certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 45001:2018 on Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards. Additionally, in recognition of our outstanding performance and capability of Asset Management to
best global standards, we were awarded the ISO-55001 Certification in 2023.

How are the values of Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) being promoted within the organisation?
We take our commitment to QHSSE very seriously at OQGN, as we know that only a healthy workforce will enable us to reach our business goals. We are committed to developing our employees and providing HSE training with the goal to achieve high safety and well-being standards, enforcing strict safety protocols in our facilities and workplaces. To make sure that we are meeting this commitment, we benchmark our safety performance against ambitious targets set by our leadership team. In 2022, we dedicated approximately 2,443 HSE training hours.

Can you share a few significant social investment and In-Country value (ICV) initiatives undertaken by the company which have contributed to community welfare and growth over the last couple of years?
OQGN is a proud Omani business, committed to promoting the advancement of national policies, In-country value and development of our citizens. For all open roles we actively advertise vacancies on local job portals and career fairs. We continuously invest in learning and development, which benefits individuals while they are with us but also if they move on. These investments benefit the broader economy by upskilling our citizens and creating new opportunities. This coupled with other initiatives saw us invest USD$38.8 million in ICV.

Please share details of the periodicity of OQGN’s concession agreement, total gas supplied in 2022, its asset base, return on investment since 2021 and plans for 2023-2024?
As exclusive owner and operator of the natural gas transportation network in Oman, we have been granted a concession of 50 years, ending in 2070. We value the trust instilled in us and work hard to provide a positive return on investment for our parent company.