Sohar International To Expand Portfolio With Financial & Non-Financial Services

Staying committed to its vision to be a world-leading Omani service company that helps customers, communities, and people to prosper and grow, Sohar International has furthered its transformational journey to go beyond banking.

The bank has proudly launched a first-of-its-kind in Oman, an innovative ecosystem of financial and non-financial services through its mobile banking apps that perfectly complement customers’ lifestyles enabling them to live a better life. With the integration of these services within the Sohar International Mobile Banking app, the initial phase of the app’s launch has categorized the services into distinct sections, namely ‘My Life’ and ‘My Goals’. Leveraging these new integrations to convert its current apps into a one-stop platform, the Sohar International Mobile Banking app offers convenient options enabling customers to book air travel tickets, make hotel reservations, purchase gift vouchers and much more.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Ahmed Al Musalmi, Chief Executive Officer at Sohar International said, “At Sohar International, we thrive on digitalization, the key to triumph in today’s world. It fuels boundless efficiency, agility, and innovation, empowering us to exceed customer expectations. Our commitment to innovation drives growth, aligning with Oman’s digitalization goals and uplifting communities. Together, we’re shaping a brighter future, in sync with Oman Vision 2040.”

Through the categorized services under ‘My Travel,’ ‘My Bills,’ and ‘My Entertainment,’ Sohar International aims to provide customers with seamless financial management that brings ease to their everyday routines. ‘My Travel’ offers a convenient solution for customers to effortlessly book flights using their cards and access holiday packages for a seamless travel experience. Meanwhile, customers can easily top-up their international mobile with more than 80 international mobile operators using ‘My Bills.’ For entertainment seekers, ‘My Entertainment’ allows users to purchase gift cards from anywhere and send them to anyone, including dining, shopping, and much more from more than 500 brands worldwide. Additionally, mobile users can book from over 300 leisure activities, including amusement parks, cruises, and much more, available in 80 cities. These initial offerings cater to the diverse interests and preferences of customers, enhancing their overall experience with the Sohar International app.

“The launch of our new platform is occurring at a crucial time as we expand our boundaries, extend our reach, and adapt to the dynamic market needs. This reaffirms our commitment to being a world-class Omani services company. By incorporating a fresh approach into our corporate strategy, that reflects innovation, inclusivity, and growth, Sohar International will continue to prioritize building meaningful relationships with clients and contributing to Omani society. To ensure a thriving ecosystem, it is necessary to keep up with change. While Sohar International’s existing ecosystem already caters to a wide range of customer needs, we will make consistent efforts to add more services and provide a diverse and premium experience that goes beyond banking. These services will support clients at every stage of their lives, enabling them to prosper and grow,” stated Mr. Ahmed Al Musalmi.

Sohar International has ensured that all its developments, initiatives, and campaigns are driven by a forward-looking agenda, aligned with the brand’s reimagined business approach that embraces a culture of innovation in services. With more updates scheduled, the bank aims to introduce additional services to meet the evolving needs of the market.

These initial offerings cater to the diverse interests and preferences of customers, enhancing their overall experience with the Sohar International app. With more updates scheduled, the bank seeks to introduce additional services aimed at addressing the evolving and growing needs of the customers. Sohar International is driving progress and shaping the future of banking with its ground-breaking initiatives and transformative capabilities. With the launch of its new ecosystem of services and continuous enhancements to its existing mobile app features, Sohar International aims to become the pioneer bank in the Sultanate by introducing a marketplace that provides customers with a wide range of non-banking services.