Ahlibank Concludes 2021 Wafra Prize Draws

 Muscat: Endorsing its efforts towards rewarding its savings account customers, and supporting them in achieving their ambitions, ahlibank has conducted the last draws of its popular Wafra prize scheme that has helped in improving the lives of several individuals.

In a live-streamed event on the Bank’s official social media pages, the names of 20 winners were announced who won across various categories with more than RO300,000, including one winner of the RO250,000 ‘Salary for Life’ grand prize (RO1,000 per month for 250 months). At the beginning of the year, ahlibank revealed that 2021 Wafra prize scheme was designed to reward more winners with prizes totaling more than RO2 million, across its branch network in the Sultanate.

Expressing his pleasure over the success achieved by the prize scheme in its last edition, Muneer Al Balushi, AGM – Head of Retail Distribution at ahlibank, acknowledged, “We are delighted with the success achieved by Wafra scheme since its launch. It has played an active role in promoting the culture of saving in the community and ensuring financial stability among our customers. The program was designed to feature a variety of prize categories. On behalf of the Bank, I am pleased to congratulate all the winners of our 2021 draws, wishing them a better future for themselves and their families.”

“Wafra prize draws were a strategic approach towards inculcating a habit of savings amongst the people of Oman. Moving forward, we will continue to assess the needs of the local market, aligning them with the objectives of our strategy and giving our customers more reasons to bank with us, and more importantly save with us for their better, brighter future. Our innovative product portfolio and services confirm our commitment to delivering a banking experience that exceeds the expectations of our loyal customers,” Mr. Al Balushi added.

With the conclusion of 2021 Wafra scheme, ahlibank has successfully fulfilled its commitment to provide more prizes to its customers, including the ‘Salary for Life’ prize, which was drawn during each quarter of the year. Four winners received a sum of RO250,000, in 2021, which is to be paid to them at a rate of RO1,000 per month for 250 months. Through weekly draws, the Bank rewarded a winner from each branch with RO500. In addition to making weekly draws for Al-Nukhba and Exclusiv customers, and another for Imtiyaz customers, the Bank awarded one winner each week a cash prize of RO500. 

The program has also rewarded, through the monthly draws, one winner from each branch with RO1,000 each. In addition to two winners of RO1,000 per month in the ‘Salary Transfer’ category. In addition, the Bank awarded five winners from the youth category aged 18 to 25 years, a cash prize of RO300 each per month, and a prize of RO200 per winner each month in the category of children under the age of 18 years.

In addition to the bank’s quarterly draws of the grand prize ‘Salary for life’, it also allocated special quarterly draws to Al Nukhba and Exclusiv customers, where one customer each quarter won a prize of RO25,000 each. The program also rewarded one winner every quarter from Imtiyaz category, with a prize amount of RO10,000 each. In addition to a special draw for five lucky winners with a cash prize of RO5,000 each. On the occasion of the 51st National Day of Renaissance, 51 account holders were lucky to win RO1,000 each. Alongside the draws made by the Bank specifically when it opened any new branch, five winners were awarded a cash prize of RO500 each.

ahlibank continues to grow its position in the market through the innovation and development of modern banking technologies, particularly personal banking services, within a highly efficient people and process system. To maintain a close relationship with its customers, the Bank focuses on ensuring that they are provided with continuous rewards and that their level of satisfaction is enhanced.