Ahlibank Welcomes New Batch For Its ‘Himam’ Graduate Program

Muscat: ahlibank recently welcomed the new batch of HIMAM, the new identity of its Graduate Development Program. Through this pivotal program, the Bank aims to develop the leadership and professional skills of Omani youth by offering them intensive courses, on-the-job training and skill refinement to prepare them to succeed in the banking sector.

Mohammed Mohsin Al Mufargi, AGM-Head of Human Resources, ahlibank said, “This two-year program significantly contributes to the development of management and leadership skills of young graduates, which will equip them to join the banking industry. It also enhances each individual’s self-confidence, as it introduces them to the most important and critical requirements of working in the market after completing their university studies. On behalf of the Bank, I am pleased to congratulate and welcome our future leaders and wish them all the best and success in their continuing journey.”

“ahlibank is keen to support Oman Vision 2040’s objectives, which places great importance and focus on youth empowerment by upskilling and providing them with training opportunities to be able to lead the future through innovation and excellence. Our real contribution is reflected in a number of programs and initiatives geared towards human resources and inspiring them to join the national workforce after completing a certain period of training. This includes the HIMAM program, which has opened doors to unique career opportunities to a number of graduates since its launch in 2015. The trainees have been able to build a successfully career in the sector.”

HIMAM program aims to develop the skills of new graduates through hands-on and theoretical training and mentoring programs, providing a unique opportunity to work with the Bank’s team. The program focuses on enhancing graduates’ banking skills with the support of a group of managers, trainers and specialists. 

Under the program, graduates will be nominated in the first year of on-the-job training in the Bank’s departments, in accordance with their educational qualifications, skills and job requirements. After completing the second year, the Bank honors trainees who have successfully passed the program and assign them in one of the Bank’s departments based on their leadership capabilities and in accordance with the job requirements. 

In addition, through its ambitious youth-oriented initiatives, ahlibank is keen to attract creatively skilled people. It focuses on equipping them to enrich the national workforce with competencies that are capable to contribute effectively to the competitive banking environment.

ahlibank is at the forefront of enhancing the capabilities and competencies of Oman’s youth and its commitment to HIMAM program ensures the preparation of a generation of young people who will continue to build a brighter and more prosperous future for the Sultanate and support the government’s economic development vision.