Managing Corporate Transactions A Breeze With Ahlibank’s E-Channels

Muscat: ahlibank’s digital banking channels are setting the pace for corporate transactions, with an inherent ‘anytime, anywhere’ option to enhance the everyday banking experience of clients seeking to promote the new global normalcy, while enjoying the benefits of safe and secure business dealings. 

Its bouquet of corporate e-channel platforms designed and developed specially to optimize banking experiences of clients who are hard-pressed for time and are weary of physical visits to their branches for corporate transactions. Through its e-channels – ahliNET, ahliB2B and ahliRDC – ahlibank has well demonstrated its intent to offer innovative products and services; it has diligently curated its services and facilities to cater to specific requirements of its corporate clients, thereby affirming its impressive growth trajectory in the local corporate banking sector. 

Hilal Saleh Al Ghannami, Head of corporate e-channels, ahlibank, said, “Aligning with the government’s digitalization drive, we have introduced innovative options to facilitate ease and convenience of banking for all our corporate customers. Our operational excellence is hinged on our customer-centric approach to banking and our tech-savvy clients are privy to our products and services that are at par with global standards.”

According to Mr. Al Ghannami, this growth has amply projected the bank’s concerted efforts to enhance its footprints in the country and become the bank of choice for both individual and corporate clients. Explaining further, he said, “Our digital platforms are our growth drivers; they are the parameters that establish our customer-centric approach to banking. Our digital platforms have encapsulated our mission and vision to enrich the banking experience of our diverse corporate clientele. We have followed a policy of constantly upgrading our digital business environment and have incorporated advanced technologies to establish our credentials as the bank that cares.”

Since the establishment of ahlibank’s corporate e-channels Unit, the Bank has been keen to offer provide a range of services to conduct everyday financial transactions through three different platforms. This translates into ease and comfort, as clients can manage all their financial transactions without having to visit their branch. From cash managements and statements, fund transfers and bulk payments, to WPS and government salaries, PASI and bill payment and cheque book requests, ahliNET is channeled to meet all corporate requirements; ahliB2B also offers the same services, in addition to personalized dashboards and ERP Integration which enhance seamless banking for larger corporates. ahliRDC is specifically for bulk cheque deposit, seamless integration, remote deposit of cheques, reduced transportation costs and risks, viewing of cheque status on same day, enhanced cash-flow management and cheque-clearing management.

As digitalization gains ground globally, ahlibank is revolutionizing its online services to keep pace with the trends and exceed customer expectations. With a comprehensive service package and innovative financial solutions, the Bank has well demonstrated its intent to stay on the digital transformation track and validate its credentials as the bank of choice.