National Finance Collaborates with Muscat Municipality to Celebrate Omani Tree Day, Promoting a Sustainable Future

As the leading financial company in the Sultanate of Oman, National Finance has enthusiastically established partnerships that demonstrate its commitment to environmental conservation and green initiatives. In line with this, the company joined Muscat Municipality on the occasion of Omani Tree Day to plant seedlings and foster a sustainable future.

Annually marked on 31st October, Omani Tree Day is a cherished national event that promotes the importance of trees and greenery in enhancing the country’s beauty and ecological balance. The occasion is a reminder to all to conserve green spaces and preserve rare local flora.

As part of the initiative, National Finance’s dedicated staff actively participated in the planting of seedlings, shovels and gardening tools in hand. Their ardent efforts made for a remarkable display of the company’s belief in taking tangible steps to bring about change and positively impact the environment. 

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Tariq bin Sulaiman Al Farsi, Chief Executive Officer, National Finance Company, said, “A hands-on approach makes all the difference is a core belief at National Finance. We are proud of our employees who took the time to support and work alongside Muscat Municipality to greenify our beloved country. We believe it is our responsibility to protect our planet so that generations to come may enjoy a sustainable and green future. Through partnerships such as this, National Finance reasserts its position as an ally to the environment, and seeks to inspire the community to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives.”

National Finance remains resolute in its commitment to sustainability and has taken concrete steps to align with Oman Vision 2040. Through the company’s ‘Imtidad’ social responsibility wing, the company aligns its values with the broader aspirations of the community and nation. Recognizing the important role sustainability plays in the country’s progress and flourishment, the company has actively engaged in several ventures and partnerships to promote conservation efforts, and reduce its carbon footprint. Furthermore, the company’s support for its employees’ involvement in this initiative demonstrates a work culture that aims to enhance both professional development and personal commitment to environmental responsibility.

The collaboration between National Finance and Muscat Municipality for Omani Tree Day exemplifies the power of partnerships in fostering environmental stewardship and community engagement. Through such social responsibility initiatives, the company continues to make a lasting impact on the environment and the lives of people.